About Us

Pump Court International comprises QCs and juniors who between them have extensive experience over a wide range of commercial disputes. The broad spread of seniority ensures that a suitable individual or team can be found to assist at any stage of the arbitration process, whether it be as arbitrator, advocate, or to undertake drafting or preparatory work, and at a cost appropriate to the task in hand.

We have particular experience in partnering both with International and local Law Firms and assisting them in managing the dispute and arbitration process wherever that dispute arises and is to be resolved. 

Fee rates are always open to discussion and will depend upon the nature and volume of the work involved. Most fees are based on an hourly rate but fixed or capped fees can be discussed for a particular task where it is realistic to do so.

Members of Pump Court International will always be prepared to discuss bearing the whole or part of the cost of travel from the UK to Hong Kong and accommodation while in Hong Kong. Factors such as the amount of work to be undertaken and the number and duration of visits to Hong Kong that are required in relation to any dispute will be considered on a case by case basis.

For further information about experience, availability and fees please contact us by email [email protected] or by telephone (+852) 3101 7108.